Blair R. Costelloe Behavioral Ecologist


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*equal contribution

Papers in progress

Koger, B., Hurme, E., Costelloe, B.R., O’Mara, M.T., Wikelski, M., Kays, R., Dechmann, D.K.N. A computer vision approach for counting groups of flying animals applied to one of the world’s largest bat colonies. In review – Ecosphere.

Costelloe, B.R., Lauke, S., Koger, B., Couzin, I.D. Disturbance effects of drone-based behavioral observations on wild African ungulates. In preparation.

Koger, B., Costelloe, B.R., Deshpande, A., Couzin, I.D. Using drones for scalable high-resolution tracking and quantification of individual and collective behavior in the wild. In preparation.


Roberts, B.A. 2014. The trials of motherhood: maternal behavior patterns and antipredator tactics in Thomson’s gazelle (Gazella thomsonii), a hiding ungulate. PhD thesis, Princeton University. PDF